• Nancy Friedman

    Nancy Friedman

    Name and tagline developer. @VisualThesaurus and @StrongLang contributor. @DolphinClubSF swimmer and kayaker. Naming advice: http://clarity.fm/nancy

  • U B R E W

    U B R E W

    Open brewery. Beer brewed by you, with a community built for you.

  • Crafted & Distilled

    Crafted & Distilled

    Bringing craft beer to the masses. Discover great beer. Buy it online. **Coming Soon** Tweets from @CarolineHoltum and @DavidWillans

  • Sean Jones

    Sean Jones

    I'm a specialist Employment Law Silk at 11KBW Chambers. Make my day, sign this: http://t.co/am5zxfkeP6

  • Alex Spears

    Alex Spears

    Publishing Executive @eandtbooks. Watcher of quality televisual programming. E-reader. Views do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

  • Elizabeth Jenner

    Elizabeth Jenner

    All skirt and no trousers. Senior editor (children's non-fiction), associate writer (adult fiction), executive drinker (gin). Maker of cakes and malapropisms.

  • SarahJessica Leivers

    SarahJessica Leivers

    I speak #javascript #java #scala and #python (in that order of fluency) I also enjoy #coffee #creativity #chocolate #cuteAnimals and #sleeping!

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